Swipe for Humanity

We’ve formed a new partnership with Swipe for Humanity to make your Shop Good purchases even more generous. Now, every time we swipe your credit card, 50% of that processing fee will be redirected to our local charity beneficiary here in OKC: Citizens Caring for Children.

Credit card fees — the money that we, the merchant, pay to a processing company to handle the transaction between our bank account and your credit card provider — seem like a pretty small chunk of change when you look at a single transaction. But once they’re all added up, the 50% of profit that Swipe for Humanity will redirect from our fees to charity becomes a more meaningful number. In last quarter alone, those tiny tenths of percentages added up to almost $100 in redirected funds to Citizens Caring for Children. And the exciting part is that this gift is proportional to our growth. The more purchases you make at Shop Good, the more every aspect of that sale will benefit a deserving organization, like CCC, that’s doing meaningful work to better our community.

Swipe for Humanity is revolutionizing an industry that’s been pretty untouched by the socially-conscious movement. If you were going to list companies most likely to be motivated by greed and profit-hoarding, credit card providers would probably be up there near the top. So it’s pretty exciting to have the opportunity to work with a company that’s committed to integrating the power of business with the purpose of greater good. Plus, Swipe for Humanity doesn’t charge us a higher rate than a competing credit card processor would, in order to make up for the money they’re giving away. The redirected charitable funds come at no additional cost to us, the merchant, or you, the consumer.

We are proud to be a Swipe for Humanity merchant and to be able to offer you even more confidence that your purchases at Shop Good are giving generously to those in need.

ShopGoodAnnouncement22013 Q3 Shop Good

Hello! from Swipe for Humanity on Vimeo.

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Warby Parker Winter 2013 Collection Launch

Warby Parker’s newest collection launches today. And we are in love.

The Winter Collection is rustic meets modern: six new shapes in five new colors, including two custom two-toned acetates, in addition to some of WP’s most dependably stylish frames in cold-weather hues. All frames are $95, including prescription lenses.

Nash_Greystone via drvollandNash_Greystone_Langhorne_Whiskey_Tortoise via drvolland
(Photos by @drvolland via Instagram. #warbywinter13)

Winter’s best diversions—doubling up on thermals, watching your breath steam up the window, scribbling through a Sunday crossword puzzle—deserve a proper pair of glasses to bring them into focus.

They make good companions for rooting around a bookcase, dashing through the snow, getting up to indoor mischief. The possibilities stretch on as shorter days give way to longer nights.

Welty_Whiskey_Tortoise via thuglifeforevs 2Welty_Whiskey_Tortoise via thuglifeforevs
(Photos by @thuglifeforevs via Instagram. #warbywinter13)

You can try on the whole collection in store any time during our regular business hours. We’ll happily give you personalized style recommendations and can help you place an order for your custom prescription glasses once you’re ready. Just bring your prescription with you and we’ll do the rest!

To view all of the new Winter Collection frames online, visit warbyparker.com.

Looking to give a pair of frames as a holiday gift? Ask us about Warby Parker gift cards.

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Brew Better

We went to Coffee Slingers’ Brew Better class to gain a little insight into some of the things we love — coffee and our community. The Brew Better class is for coffee lovers who want to roll up their sleeves and learn more about how to craft a great cup of coffee. And it is just that, a true craft!



Kalee and Tori explained to us that coffee drinking has been through three general phases. The first being when people just regarded coffee as a good ol’ cup of joe, when people drank coffee for the caffeine and not as much for the taste. Then specialty coffee shops started popping up, making coffee more of a lifestyle and changing the focus to adding milk and flavors to the brew. The phase that we are seeing now is centered around a more refined and artfully crafted coffee. People have developed a palate for coffee, and the whole process of growing the beans, washing them and roasting them has gained more attention.

The respect and appreciation for this amazing fruit rendered with the right hands becomes an amazing drink.”



As we were coached through brewing the perfect cup of coffee, we learned about calibrating water temperature, adjusting the grind, the importance of getting the right ratio of water to beans and the chemistry of the brew. The details matter. But more than anything else, we learned that the skills of the artisan are the keys to really bringing the cup to life. There is joy in the task, a good brew calls for the human touch.

“There is not one single technique that creates success across the board or pleases everyone’s tastes. There is an aspect of brewing that is intuitive and personal.”



We couldn’t be more excited that this coffee culture is established and growing in Oklahoma City. Come check out one of the Better Brew classes or a coffee tasting at Coffee Slingers and learn more about all of the love that goes into your brewing your coffee.

The next Brew Better class is Thursday November 14 at 5pm. Class size is limited to 10 people and you’ll get a sweet discount if you decide to buy any tools to take home. (We couldn’t leave without a gorgeous stainless steel French press and a buffalo mug.)

IMG_2007 IMG_2074


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Haunt & Harvest

In one week, we’ll be donning costumes and heading to Haunt & Harvest, a fall carnival for children in foster care hosted by Citizens Caring for Children.

Each year, hundreds of kids come out for candy, games, face painting and cakewalks — all in the safe and secure care of staff and volunteers from CCC. Many of these little people have been through quite a year, transitioning from a troubled situation at home to a foster home or a longer-term placement with extended family or a foster family. This kind of change can be pretty tough, since it often means changing schools, leaving behind favorite belongings, and dealing with complicated emotions and decisions. It’s also pretty financially and emotionally stressful for foster parents who are trying to provide a new normal and a sense of belonging for a child who’s been through so much turmoil.

But Citizens Caring for Children is dedicated to stepping in and offering help to these children and their foster families. And we’re so happy to partner with them in their efforts. (Even if it means scouring the internet late at night for non-creepy adult Halloween costumes.)

Our whole team at Shop Good will be helping with Haunt & Harvest all day next Tuesday, the 29th, from setting up games and organizing craft supplies to handing out treats and running the cakewalk. And we’d love for you to join us. Check out the details and get signed up — and then start working on that elaborate Pixar-themed disguise you’ve been secretly plotting.

Haunt & Harvest: October 29th, 2013
All Soul’s Episcopal Church

TEAM 1: 9am – 1pm   //   TEAM 2: 1pm – 5pm
All setup volunteers must complete a CCC volunteer application prior to the day of the event. We’ll email it to you when you sign up!
Sign up as a Shop Good Team Member here.

6pm – 9pm
All event volunteers must complete a CCC volunteer application and a background check prior to the day of the event. We’ll email both forms to you when you sign up!
Sign up as a Shop Good Team Member here.

9pm – 10pm
All clean up volunteers must complete a CCC volunteer application prior to the day of the event. We’ll email it to you when you sign up!
Sign up as a Shop Good Team Member here.

(Need help? Come by the shop and we’ll fill your forms out together.)

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Featured Brand: Simpleton Leather Goods

This past week, with the beginning of fall upon us, we toured the studio of one of our local craftsmen: Tyler, owner and craftsman of Simpleton Leather Goods. We’re proud to carry locally handcrafted goods in our shop, because we believe in the quality of their products and in supporting local artists. And, as we form a business relationship, we love seeing the friendship that grows out of it, from artist to consumer.

Tyler’s handmade leather goods are the perfect accessory this fall, whether it’s a pair of braces over your favorite flannel shirt, a journal to take note of the beauty in changing seasons, or a belt to accessorize your new raw denim jeans. Simpleton Leather Goods is a true reflection of Tyler: honest, hard-working, hopeful. Read on for a glimpse into his studio and more about the man behind the leather.

Shop our selection of Simpleton Leather Goods

See more photos on our Facebook page


Simpleton Flag


SG: So how did you get into working with leather?

TC: I gained a slight interest in working with leather after making a leather bound journal as a small source of income in a time of unemployment. After making the first one there seemed to be enough interest in the idea that I began to make more. The ideas blossomed from there as I was able to create new products as my skill level increased. Momentum grew as my interest in learning more about this old craft elevated daily. Before I knew it I was trying to build a small business around this hobby I discovered.

Simpleton Hanging Braces


SG: How did you come up with the name for Simpleton Leather Goods?

TC: Simpleton came from an impersonation revolving around a stuck up sophisticate type that some of my friends and I would act out in an attempt to humor ourselves. We would refer to using such terms as ‘trousers’ instead of pants and talk with a pompous tone using a slight mix of an English accent all the while referring to the common man as a ‘simpleton’. It was satire of course since we would consider ourselves to be simple people. And that is where the ideas fueling Simpleton Leather Goods began. I wanted to make a quality product that a sophisticated man would appreciate but bring it to the attention of the common man and appeal to his desire for functionality. It seems so silly to think back and see that is where the name came from. Who would have known?



SG: What should we know about Simpleton?

TC: That’s hard to say. The idea of Simpleton has been around for less than a year so there is still a lot of vision and development to be done. There are a lot of variables to take into account in developing a business, even a small business. There are things that I’m having to figure out with Simpleton that I really had never thought of in other ventures. But my aim is to bring a genuine and honest approach to what I’m doing while providing quality for whoever is interested in supporting the Simpleton name. It’s great though, I get to build Simpleton around whatever business model I choose. It makes me really excited for the future of Simpleton because there is so much unknown but a lot of potential.



SG: Who is the Simpleton man (your ideal customer)?

TC: The Simpleton man is generally going to be the simple man. The man that desires a practical, functional and quality product. I imagine him being a hybrid between a connoisseur of underground music, a craftsman, a gentleman, having a dash of sophisticated taste and living a life of joy observing the details along the journey of life. He may be a jack of all trades but is grounded in what he knows and where he intends on going. A John Wayne kinda guy.



SG: So besides making beautiful handcrafted leather goods, how do you spend your time?

TC: I spend a lot of time with my wife outside of working on things with Simpleton. She gets me and does a lot to support and inspire me. I really like to create so other than that I keep my free time filled with some kind of project. I work with wood when I can and enjoy hangouts with friends on porches or around a fire.


SG: Favorite local hangouts and places to find inspiration?

TC: I don’t do a lot of consistent public hangouts. When I get away from my house I’ll see friends and do my best to be in an environment that is conducive for good conversation. My wife is a baker at Cuppies & Joe so I spend a lot of time using up their internet and sipping their coffee. Or if I’m with the guys I’ll go to McNellie’s pub and smoke pipes on the third floor. I seem to find a lot of inspiration in the people I’m with. I’m blessed to know a lot of creative people.


SG: Anything else we should know?

TC: I’ve been very word of mouth or grass roots in my approach to getting business but I will soon be up with the times with a website. I have a few things on Etsy (SimpletonGoods.etsy.com) and I’m working on getting my social network accounts started so I will be able to share products and updates with the masses on a regular basis. Like I said I’m just getting a start but things will be running smoothly soon! Thanks for all the support so far.


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